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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sparkly Glitter Skull Nails

Fingerprint Nails

These didn't really show up that well, but the idea was to stamp my own fingerprint on the opposite hand's nail. At the end i took them off, but it looked pretty cool when i had them on. 

Strawberry Nail Art

Bee Nail Art

IN'N'OUT Nails

Everything starts off with a white background and the let the rest speak for itself. 

Neon Black and White Manicure

Similar to one of my old designs with a new twist. Gotta love me some neon. 

Navy Rhinestone Incrusted Manicure

A simple dark navy manicure with tons of added rhinestones and a few words on the two thumb fingernails. These very really quick and looked great outside. 

 The after affects of this manicure...

Puzzle Piece Nails

They were suppose to be puzzle pieces, they sorta look like them, and an added french tip because i felt like it. 

And after i took the manicure off...

Rainbows and Unicorns

These speak for themselves i will admit. They were my first week of 11th grade nails.