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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stripes and Dot Nail Art

With the aid of stripping tape and a dotter tool, i constructed this design very easily. My left hand had all variations of the color green, and on my right hand i had various kinds of yellows. I then painted black over the base color with the use of stripping tape. I finally added some white dots over the top to create some pop. 

Movember Nail Art

For the month of November, i painted moustaches on my nails to support the efforts of prostate cancer awareness month. 

LEGO Nail Art

Reminiscing to childhood is the great invention of Legos. I had a lot of fun with these and they were very colorful. 

Halloween Nail Art #2

Skeleton Nail Art, i was a skeleton for Halloween so i drew some bones onto my nails. I also used this beautiful sparkly polish from Sephora on my ring and pinky finger to add some fun to such a dark themed design. 

Halloween Nail Art #1

For the week before Halloween, i drew on some bloody nail art. It also just so happens that I had a fake skull laying around, so i used that as a fun prop. Enjoy. 

My Homecoming Nails 2013

My Homecoming nails for this year's Homecoming. I always keep my nails somewhat simple, so for this years Homecoming i went with the Black, White, and a Gold design. I added some big rhinestones to bring out the glittery side of the design. 

Homecoming Nails 2013

One of my lovely friends was kind enough to let me do her nails for this year's homecoming dance. To compliment her dress, i did five varying gold themed designs on her nails. Lots of sparkle created a very dramatic look and we were both pleased with them. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail art

To celebrate the month of October, which is also considered Breast Cancer Awareness Month, i painted my nails accordingly. Save the ta-tas is clearly painted on my left hand to show my pride of breast cancer awareness.