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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Piggy Nail Art

Here is some piggy nail art. Though I don't usually use pink for my nails, pigs are pink so i had to have pink nails. Hope you enjoy. :)
Left hand, the pig is painted on three fingers, first time trying this trend. 
My right hand, a little shaky painting on the letters, but still got it done. 

My two thumbs look like this, a little messy because I took the picture right after i painted them. 

tan, light pink, pink, black, white, brown acyclic paints (craft smart brand)

OPI , Revlon, Avon, Orly, Sinful colors, Avon, Wet 'n' Wild, Sinful Colors, Seche Vite

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Current Henna

This is my current henna design along with the new nails (below this post). Hope you enjoy. :)

Black French Tip With Roses

They don't really photograph that well, but i painted a red, yellow, and a maroon rose on my thumb, middle, and ring finger. I added sparkles to all of the nails underneath the thick black french tip. With added white dots as well.

 One of the red hand-painted roses. (above)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Fruit Nails

From now on, i will upload a weekly wacky nail design every Saturday or Sunday. I might upload an archive picture that i find or a henna picture. This week I wanted to create a summer nail and this is also the last week of school, so it had to be colorful. I really liked the polka dots and the fruits turned out to be really easy to paint.

Homecoming nails

For my 9th grade homecoming, i wanted to design my own pair of fake nails. So I got some, and then just painted over the pre-made design.They are a light color blue with some glitter and nail art pearls.

Valentines Day Nail Art

For valentines day, i wasn't sure of what to do. So each nail had a different design, i seem to like to do that :). These chipped pretty easily, but stayed on for my week of v-day nail art.

Birthday Nails

For my grandmother's 80th birthday, this is what i came up with. A birthday cake for one nail and a cupcake for another. Each coordinating nail was different and everyone that i showed had a different favorite.

Glitter nail art

After getting a pot of nail art glitter, i wasn't really sure what to do with it. The glitter is actually sliver, but it got turned a light maroon color. It was really messy, but the payoff was pretty cool.

Nude sparkly Nails

Over this year's spring break, i was not in the nail polish mood, but these were easy enough to paint. I used the Essie special effects glitter coat for the ring finger over a sinful colors black lacquer.

Nude Polka Dots

I love nude nail polish but they all seem to be really streaky. This avon brand one was pretty good and got the job done. The middle finger doesn't have a base color, just polka dots.

Twisted French Manicure

I am not the biggest fan of the normal french tip manicure, so I added my own twist to these. Just used a normal nail polish brush for the tip and a dotter tool for the dots.

Fake Nails

For my eight grade "promotion," not graduation, i didn't have time to do my own nails, so i just applied a fake set. They were very bendy, so not my favorite pair, but they got the job done.

Polka Dot and Bow Nails

For a seventh grade trip we were going to Disneyland, so cute bows and polka dots were perfect for it. These were last minute, so not that extravagant, but still a complete design.

Sleeping Bear Nail

I wanted to paint something cute onto my nails, so i thought a sleeping bear would be perfect. This was done about a year and a half ago, so not my best, but i completed my task.

Solar System Nails

Since I love the subject of science, i decided to paint the entire solar system onto my nails. However i did not paint the planet of Pluto. I ended up painting the asteroid belt. I really liked these, but they don't show up completely awesome in the photograph.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dripping Nail art

Tried the "dripping" nail design. They were really easy to paint and they will be perfect for this coming year's Halloween nail art design. (Just in red)

Strange Nail art

These were my past week's creation, not really sure what they are, but wanted to try them. The "water marble" effect on my nails, excluding my thumb, were not actually water marbled, but just mixed together with a needle.

Easter #2 nail art

My mom wanted another manicure, this one was really bright but i liked it, almost matched my easter nails. (from the pointer finger, same design as mine were for easter)

Easter Nails

Easter Nails!!! I did these after cutting them off, in the post before this you can see how long they were. Not my favorite, but in the easter spirit, right.
You can find my second Easter post here.

Naked Nails

My long naked nails, right before cutting them. I loved them, but there was no way i could play basketball with these claws.

Minnie and Micky Nail Art

Everyone loves Minnie and Micky, so why not paint them on my nails. I ended up using the wrong type of acrylic paint and it took a while to dry, but i still got them done.

Deck of Cards Nail art

For some reason i wanted to try to draw some cards onto my nails. This design took FOREVER, but a good payoff in the end. The king was really awesome, the other nails were okay, in my opinion.

Glasses Nail Art

Even though i don't wear glasses, i had them on my fingers :) . This finger had the pair of glasses that looked the best so i decided to post only this finger.

Butterfly Nail Art

I wanted to try the butterfly nail art design and this is what i came up with. I really liked this design. My pointer and pinky finger are leaves without a base color.

Eye Ball Nail Art

I scared a lot of people with the eye ball nail design, even though they weren't from halloween. These took about three and a half hours to complete. I sure had a lot of time on my hands that sunday afternoon. I hand-painted these with acrylic paint and a TINY paintbrush.

Cat Nail Art

My mom wanted her nails done, and i decided to paint cats on her nails. They were pretty adorable.

Earth Day Nails

These nails were done for Earth Day, the thumb is the recycling sign and the rest of the nails are painted green by sinful colors with an Essie glitter as a french tip.

Nail polish bottle nails

I thought hmmmmm what about if I painted bottles of nail polish onto my fingers. I think it turned out okay, though i ended up ruining one of my brushes by cutting it to get the sinful colors' logo.
OPI logo, NYC logo, Sinful Colors Logo, Zoya Logo, and Essie Logo.
The color of the nail polish bottle is by the same company that I drew on. 

Mood Color Nails

I wanted to have my nails rainbow, but not super simple. So, i painted a face on each nail that was associated with the color. :)

Purple Nails

I was in the mood for purple nails, and this is what i came up with. I just used tape to get the clean line in the middle and for the art; an art brush and several dotting tools were used.

Panda Nails

First Day of 9th Grade Nails, Panda Nails!!! :)

Introduction :)

Hi all nail polish and nail art lovers, i created this blog to share all my nail art with you. I should have done this a long time ago, but better now than never...right? Thanks for viewing and enjoy the soon to be posted art. :)