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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Starbucks Nail Art

Everyone loves starbucks, right...... so why not paint them on all of my nails. These took a lot of time, but they turned out pretty realistic, so i am excited to see what people have to say about them. :)
and overvier of my nails
 a close-up of my right hand thumb that has painted the women (mermaid?) on the starbucks coffee cups
another close up
and my other thumb with the green iced tea drink
my right hand with a whole bunch of drinks that you can find at starbucks

and my left hand with all of those drinks

hope you enjoy, thanks for viewing :) 

 starbucks anyone?!?!?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Butterfly Nails (#2)

I really enjoyed my first butterfly nails, so i wanted to do them again. This time i decided to paint a whole bunch of different colors for the butterfly base color.
Here are the two photos of the complete nail look.
These are the two thumb nails, the only nail that wasn't painted with a butterfly wing design was my my left hand thumb. I painted an entire butterfly on that nail. 
another close-up
and some other photos of my nails
my left hand

and my right hand

More Henna :)

I changed up my henna again this week and this is what i came up with.
The design continues all around my wrist.
Enjoy :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Story book Nails

This week i did some story book nails. I would also consider these as fairy tale inspired nails. If you follow the first photo, the story goes in chronological order, but the two following pictures are just normal photos. Enjoy :)

these two are out of order (above and below)

these are two photos of the overall look of the story nail art
So to start off the story, you have to start with "Once Upon A Time" title
followed by (from left to right) a boy, a girl, then boy meets girl
at the end of the hand is a heart
on the left hand it starts off with the wicked witch
from left to right is the poison apple, then the damsel in destress, and then a drawing of two people holding hands with a heart
and then finally "The End"
thanks for viewing :)

Current Henna

Just a quick post of my current henna, i drew these on thursday night. Hope you enjoy.

i did the top of my hand and went all the way around

and then the inside of my hand i drew the infinity love sign with some added spirals
Enjoy :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Angry Birds Nail Art featuring kkcenterhk

My mom loves angry birds, so why not paint them onto her nails. I featured the six main angry birds in the game and then added some glitter and some angry bird stickers.
here is an overall look of her nails
just her left hand

her two thumbs with the kkcenterhk's angry bird stickers

her right hand
and onto her kkcenterhk products that i used:

the stickers in their original package

some close-ups

and the nail glitter

This products were really good. The only issue is that the nail stickers were a little grainy, but a couple layers of topcoat helped that right away.

(These products were sent to me for a review and the company did not influence my review at all, you can read more about that on my legal page)