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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Burberry French Tips

I really liked the way that the candy cane french tips turned out so i decided to do another manicure featuring some funky french tips. Using the Burberry Fabric pattern as my inspiration i painted on a tan color to my tips and then slowly i added on stripes that resembled the Burberry pattern. I also added in a subtle glitter gradient starting from the smile line that my french tip created. 

Candy Cane French Tips

For my third and final christmas/winter inspired manicure, i did candy cane french tips. I started off with a pink toned shimmery base color and then painted on a white french tip. Using a red acyclic paint i then added red stripes in different patterns to reflect the varying amounts of candy canes. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blue Sparky Christmas Nails

This manicure highly contrasts my previous winter manicure in color and design. To be extra simple i used a light blue glitter to fully cover eight of my ten nails and then for my ring finger i painted on some snowflakes and added on a few rhinestones. 

Red Christmas Nails

My first manicure of the Christmas season is this red number. I tried to keep it simple so there wouldn't be too much going on. I added some snowflakes, bows, and some peppermint swirls. Finally on my pinky finger i used a gold glitter and fully covered the nail to complete the festive look. 

Update of Long Nails

It's been a good three and a half months of me growing my nails out and wow they are sure long! Some people tend to dislike long nails but i love mine, having nail polish on them at all times keeps the breaking to a minimum. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Linkin Park Quote Nails

Being a very big fan of Linkin Park i saw this manicure as a nice throwback to this great band. I used their lyric of "Truth is you can stop and stare, bleed myself out and no one cares" to cover my nails. Even though the actual meaning of this lyric if quite morbid and grotesque i felt that i could make it artsy by writing it in cursive. I had all my nails painted half glitter and half blue with a black thin line in the middle connecting the two sides. On my ring, middle, and thumb finger i added in some rhinestones for and extra sparkle. 

Yes, i know that i forgot a "e"

Rainbow Foil with Lavender Flowers

I loved the foil that I used on my previous manicure so much that i wanted to use more of it! I used a lavender base color and then layered a whole bunch of this rainbow craft foil on top on my nails, focusing primarily near the bottom half of my nails. I then painted purple and white flowers at the ends of my nails. The fun part about this manicure that the rainbow foil on every nail is different.