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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Neutral Nail Art

I've been really liking the mix of dots and teardrop shapes that i've used in the past two nail looks, so i continued the tread in a more neutral design. I painted on three coats of a tan nail color and then using three different acyclic paints (espresso, caramel, and tan) i painted on the design. Sealed with two layers of topcoat and cuticle oil to complete the look. 

Blue'n'White Nail Art

Starting with a shimmery blue nail color, I used q-tips to remove circles of nail polish from three of my nails on each hand. Afterwards i used acrylic paint and a paintbrush to draw on dots and teardrops on my nails, surrounding the see-through circles. I simply layered on some clear coat and that's it. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

White and Gold Teardrops

Starting with a red shimmery base color i layered on white and gold paint, really with no direction at all. So i don't really know what to call this manicure, it has an embroidery feel but i can't say for sure. Still getting use to the short nails. 

Black Glitter and Stars

Sadly i had to chop off the claws, but not super short like i had to in February. I opted for a simple manicure this week, black glitter nail polish topped with white stars and dots.