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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Animal Print/Footprint Nail Art

I really enjoyed my animal nails for the first week of school, so i did another animal inspired manicure. I hand-painted some animal footprints and some animal print designs on various nails. Enjoy. :)
Here is an overview of my left hand. (both above and below)
and a close-up of my left hand thumb

and then here is my right hand. (below)

and a close-up of my right hand thumb, a tiger print. :)

and another picture...

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Animal Nail Art

For the first week of tenth grade, I had zero idea of what i wanted to do, so i ended up painting ten different animals. I hand-painted all of them with acyclic paint and a TINY paintbrush and then did the outline nail design in mint paint. :)
Left hand (above)
Left hand (above) close-up
a better view of the outline design (above)
a close-up of my left hand thumb (a crab {above})
an overview of my right hand (above)
a close-up of my left hand thumb (a pig {above})
and another close-up of my left hand

So i ended up painting a crab, a fish, a cow, a mouse, snake, pig, chick, sheep, elephant, and a butterfly. Enjoy :)

Orange Polka Dot Pedicure

My pedicure for my first week of school, I decided, was going to be an orange one. To make is fun i added some yellow and copper polka dots. 


Friday, August 10, 2012

Polka Dot Gradient Nails

For this week's nail art i decided to do gradient nails, but then i added dots to all of my nails except my middle finger...really no reason for that.
An overview of my nails, except for my thumbs.
Here is my left hand.
another shot of my left hand...
and another....

and another...

and here is a close-up of my ring finger, the yellow polish that i used is super super super bright and sadly the photo does no justice to it, but it's beautiful. :)

Orca/Killer Wale Nail Art (Pedicure)

Even though you really have to look at these nails to know what they orca wale...these are sooo cute. I did this design on my mom's friend.
This is a close-up of her left foot and is where i hand painted the orca wale with acrylic paints.
A sorta close-up of the orca.
And an overview of all of her nails, on all of her toes i painted a simple french tip to add some spunk to them. I think these turned out really cute. :)
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic 2012 Nail Art

My mom decided that she also wanted her nails done (along with her toes, two previous posts are her toes done), so she wanted some olympic themed nails.
Here is the overall look of the nails.
on her left hand, i painted the gold, silver, and bronze medals for the main nail art
on her right hand, i just dotted USA on her three main nails
here are her two thumbs, one with silver sparkle, and the other with blue crakle over a white base

and here are the polishes that i used:

Sparkly Blue Nail Art

Even though this isn't really a summer manicure style, i still love my sparkle. 
Above: an overview of my nails
focusing on the accent finger with the extra sparkle and rinstone
a close-up of my left hand with the accent finger
a close-up of my thumb which i made to match my ring finger
another overview

And then the polishes that i used:

close-up of the Essie flakie nail polish, this stuff is awesome!!!
and finally a close-up of the blue that i used as a base color, this is such a pretty shade of blue. <333

Polka Dot Pedicure Nail Art

Polka Dots are perfect for summer and after my mom saw my green pedicure, she wanted hers the same. So i painted her nails orange with black, white, and orange dots. I painted my nails neon green with black, white, and green dots.
Above: my mom's orange pedicure
Above and Below: my neon green pedicure
And then we had some fun, so (below) here is both of our nails done together, a little creepy, but somehow cute. 
But this is super creepy, my left foot and my mom's right foot right next to eachother. weird looking.
Hope you enjoyed :)