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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fresh Fruit Nail Art

How better to enjoy your summer days then with some fresh fruit...on your nails! I've done fruity nails in the past but this by far is my best one! I painted on five different fruit for each of my hands with my handy acrylic paint. I included a watermelon, a strawberry, a kiwi, and apple, and a dragon fruit. Boy do these make me hungry! 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Green Water Marble Nails

This week i returned to the much loved and hated technique of water marbling. I just have to find the right watery nail polish consistency in order to be able to correctly and easily water marble my nails. This time around I used a yellow, green, and blue to create this very sea foam type of look. After I dunked my nails into the water with the spiral design, I added some sparkle near my cuticles and one single yellow dot. (for the heck of it) These manicures are always a blast to do and usually create some really spectacular designs. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Red Lip Manicure

One of my good friends has a phone case featuring all of these adorable red lips and told me to use it as inspiration for my next manicure. This is what I ended up creating with his inspiration. I painted a white french tip first and then very carefully I painted all ten of these lips with red, black, and white acrylic paint. Thankfully my nails are long enough that I had a big enough canvas on my free edge to create these (lowkey creepy) lips. 

5 Shades of Red Manicure

My previous manicure started to chip (EKK) midway through the week so I had to remove it and do my nails for Thursday and Friday. I just need something simple to get me to the end of the week so I decided to paint my nails 5 different shades of red and add some rhinestones to my ring finger to bling things up. Simple and easy!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Neon-Pastel Gradient W/Stickers

I found these really awesome Pride nail stickers at Target this weekend and thought to incorporate them into my manicure this week. (even thought the last time I used nail stickers on myself was like four years ago) I started out with a white base color and then created a gradient from neon yellow to a pastel yellow to a subtle peachy-pink. Afterwards I stuck on some stickers from the pack and then to make everything look uniform I added three rose dots at the tip of the nail sticker. This manicure is definitely unusual and I'm really digging the odd combination of colors for the gradient.