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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Themed Nail Art

For my Christmas week nails I decided to do a mash-up manicure, doing five different designs instead of just one overall theme (which is what i did for the snowflake manicure previous). From my pinky towards my thumb I painted on presents, then a full glitter nail (each piece of glitter was individually placed! Yes it took a considerable amount of time), them some holly berries, a line of christmas lights, and them some adorable snowmen! I definitely feel like I have less space for designs, so I was surprised at how realistic I was able to keep this manicure. Overall I really like the end result of this christmas mani!!! 

Snowflake Nail Art

My first nail design in a long time with short nails. (sheds a single lonely tear) I decided to do a simple snowflake design; two coats of a white/silverly Sinful nail color as the base and them for the snowflakes I used a dark grey acrylic paint. I added some sliver dots to keep the design fun and festive. I'm still getting used to the short nails, typing is strange as well as texting!

Cutting the LONG nails!

Alien! They look so alien without any polish!!!
I decided to cut my nails down since two of them were beginning to crack (near the nail bed) so in order to keep them healthy I needed to severely cut them. It's been at least three solid months of keeping them reasonably long so it was time for them to go. Plus, as the new year starts I can keep track of how long it takes to grow them based on the new year. 
Sad to see the talons go, but it had to be done!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Candy Cane Nails

The beginning of Christmas/Winter themed nails! I always like to paint my nails as candy canes and since last year I did candy cane french tips I decided to do my entire nail this time around. I just used a white Sinful Color base color and then used red acrylic paint to create all of the stripes. The stripes were all free hand, so no stripping tape, which was hard at first but in the end it all worked out! 

Gold Nails

The weekend of Thanksgiving was so hectic that I didn't have time to paint a creative nail design. Instead I painted them dark purple and then two days later I changed them to gold. With a simple color you can really see just how long my nails are! I plan to cut them in the next three weeks, but for now I will enjoy the long talons. 

I had to save my pinky nail from breaking off so I had to take all of the polish off and use the teabag and super glue trick to fix it all up. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall Nail Art

In leu of Thanksgiving nails, I decided to do fall nails instead. Thankfully orange is associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I emphasized that color before Christmas season takes over (i.e. green, red, and blue). I included a plaid french tip design on two of my nails, a fall leaf on my ring fingers and then on my middle finger i added some craft foil and dots to make it pop. I didn't have a secure plan when i started but I'm happy with the way the designs all go together. Plus I found some great flowers in the school garden to be my background.