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Monday, November 24, 2014

JigglyPuff Nails

Being a fan of JigglyPuff i thought it would be fun to paint it as a motif on my nails. For some of my other nails i painted them pink with a pink glitter gradient on the tips followed by white dots near the moon of my nails. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Psychedelic Blue Dots

Starting with a mint green base color i layered a flakie on top then i featured big blue dots to sharply contrast the green. I added some purple swirls and of course i couldn't forget about them dots which were blue as well. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vintage Cherry Nails

Inspired by the vintage look of cherries i had my manicure include white and pink stripes with some pearls and rhinestones to amp up this look. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jack-o'-lantern Nails

To end the Halloween season, i ended it with style, creating ten different jack-o-lanterns. Some were happy and some were sad, but i feel that they reflected the spirit of Halloween. 

Zombie skin and brains

Continuing the Halloween theme, i created some disgusting zombie skin and some fun bright pink brains. Without context, the brains look like a pretty girly design but my theme needed a more grotesque item. 

2014 Homecoming Mod themed

For my senior homecoming, my dress theme was a throwback to the mod style of the 60's. The sharp contrast between white and black expressed in dots brings out the funky style that i was going for. 

Vampire Fangs

As i love the season of halloween, i started my festive designs early in the month and came up with this manicure. I love the idea of vampires so why not create them on my little nails. 

October Waves

For the start of October, i used a yellow as a base color and then layered both orange and black acrylic onto of my yellow to create waves. I added some rhinestones to bring out the colors that i used. 

Pink Pearly Black French Tip

As my french tips are never in the traditional style, this time i used pink as my base color and black as my french tip color. I add a lot of pearls to make this look pop. A lot of the pearls were really big so it was a risk to use them, but i liked the final result.