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Monday, December 26, 2016

Cats in Santa Hats!!!

I redid my nails the Thursday before Christmas since I didn't want to redo my nails on Christmas (with it being on a Sunday and all). I wanted to have some sort of iconic Christmas motif on my nails and i narrowed in on the Santa Hat. I also love all things animals, especially cats, so I thought it would be cute to combine the two and paint some kitty cats with santa hats on my nails. I used a light pink nail polish as my base color and then the rest of the design was created using acrylic paint. Overall, I'm very happy with this design! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Lights Manicure

I always see this trend when the holidays come around; christmas lights manicure. I wanted to keep the mani pretty simple so I just painted all of my nails (except my ring fingers) with a champagne shimmery color. To keep things extra festive, my ring fingers got a nice holiday green color. I added in with black acrylic paint a string of connecting christmas lights on all of my nails. Using red, blue, and yellow as my lights, i added in some glitter and white accents to all of my nails to create a cohesive manicure. Finishing everything off with a top coat, i'm pretty happy with the end result. Plus they look extra festive with the super green grass in the background. 

Red and Gold Holiday Manicure

Posting this a week late, but posting this manicure regardless. I just wanted a simple and subtle holiday manicure so pairing gold and red seemed like the way to go. I first painted all of my nails with an iridescent pink polish and then free handed all of the red french tips. I covered both of my ring fingers with gold hexagonal glitter bits. I added in some black detail work to make the manicure even more regal. Finishing off with two coats of top coat, this manicure was done. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rainbow Swirls?

It's finals week.

So this is my weekly manicure.

I created a white to nude gradient and then I used some left over nail art stickers to make the manicure more interesting. After applying the stickers, I added in some corresponding acrylic paint to continue the swirly motif that they stickers came as. As simple as these were to create, they look a lot more intricate that I had originally plan, a happy accident. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cute Panda Nail Art

A little bit more than five years ago I did my first panda manicure.
With it being Week 10 in the quarter system here at UCSC, I needed some cute little animal nails, so I thought that I would redo one of my first manicures. It's always fun to go back and see how much you have grown as an artist. One thing is for sure, I know a bit more about how to take pictures of my nails in a professional sense. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Floral Print and Holo Glitter

I've always wanted to try out the technique of painting flowers where you dip your brush into two different colors and then paint on flower petals in a gradient style; so I thought I would try it out this week. I needed this manicure to be study enough to endure the traveling that I will be doing this week for the holidays so thats where the holo glitter nails came into play. Plus, who doesn't like some glitter nails?!? I added in some dainty little green leaves and some black and yellow dots to the center of each flower. Super easy manicure, despite the complicated looking end result.