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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Water spotted reptile skin

I tried out the water spotting technique this week and it turned out pretty great. I started out with a yellow to dark green ombre and i layered on the spotted black nail polish. I added some thick white lines and a rhinestone to each nail to complete the look. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sochi 2014 Olympic Nail art

With the Sochi Olympics soon coming to a close, i choose eight events to showcase the winter Olympics. On my two thumbs i featured the Sochi logo for these Olympics. The events that i choose were the four-man bobsled, ice skating, ski jumping, curling, Alpine skiing, snowboard, hockey, and luge. 

Notebook Paper Nail Art

With the inspiration of my own doodles, i created ten pieces of notebook paper with some random doodles. Granted this was the week of Valentine's day i added a heart on one of my nails to keep the holiday's spirit going. 

Friday, February 7, 2014


With the advice of one of my very close friends, i created my YOLO SWAG nails. This was eventually going to happen so i was pretty proud of the result. 

Another full glitter manicure

Inspired by the glitter from my previous two manicures, i created an ombre glitter manicure, on my left hand I had a blue to green gradient and on my right had I created a white to black gradient. I guess that i just love glitter. 

 I even found a shoe that matched my manicure, both the shoe and manicure contained the same colors and i was just shocked. 

Light blue full glitter nails

With my ring and pinky finger still all glittered up from my last manicure, i just put glitter on the remaining nails. The effect was a SUPER sparkly manicure that caught the light perfectly. 

Falcon Basketball nail art

For the second week of my Highschool Basketball season, i painted on some basketball themed items along with out team's mascot, a falcon. Light blue is one of our school colors so i included that in the design as well. Go Falcons!!!