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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice Cream Nails

For this week's manicure i went with the beloved dessert ice cream, i included lots of cones, sundaes, and even Neapolitan ice cream.

French tip with henna inspiration

To again take a different approach to the ordinary white french tip, i used flakie polishes to amp up the shine affect and then using white acyclic paint i carefully painted on designs that heavily resemble henna patterns. 

Naked nails, oh no!

This was the state of my nails after the first week of school, they are not quite as strong as they usually are so there is a lot of flaking on the tips on some of them.

I cut my nails a little and filed them and then put a coat of base coat on to keep them uniform for the weekend before i proceeded onto my next design. 

Eyes times ten

For the first week of senior year i decided that it would be fun if i painted ten different types/styles of eyes on my nails. I have no idea how i got this idea, but i thought it would be fun to incorporate so many different styles of one subject matter, plus i got to actually glue three googly eyes on one of my nails, the little pupils bounced around, it was so gratifying! 

I took this picture (above) at the end of the week to show how well the design stayed on....except for my pink nail, it sadly came off during a basketball practice. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Matte and Shine

I started with a deep crimson color polish and then used a matte topcoat over the entire nail. To shake things up i used my seche vita topcoat and put it in the corner of each nail. This lead to the contrast in finishes of each nail, something new for me.

Sunburst nails

Using a yellow creme base i added orange and red acrylic paint and slowly and carefully used a rough paintbrush to create the sunburst look. These create a very bright and happy mood, which is what i needed because school starts soon. 

Discard Manicures

In the period of one day i did both of these manicures along with the sunburst one, i wasn't happy with either of these manicures but i still decided to post them. 

Red and Gold

To showcase the length of my nails i just used a simple red creme for the base color and a simple gold glitter stripe down the center of each nail.

More Stripes

Using a white base color and 18 different stripers i created this colorful manicure.

Navy striped manicure

I only had this manicure on for a couple of hours after realizing that i didn't really like it. In the sun you could see the grains of glitter that the top coat was unable to smooth over. But nonetheless i used a full glitter navy base and on top i added one gold glitter stripe in the middle, a royal blue one to the left, and a dark green to the right.

Glitter tip manicure

A unique take on the usual white french tip, i just substituted the glitter for the white and ta-da a very extra sparkly french tip. 

Triangles and Glitter

For this manicure i started with a navy creme base color and layered on a different glitter nail polish on each nail. Following that i included a triangle on each nail as well using white acrylic paint and a paintbrush.

Summer Pedicures

OhMyGosh feet, yes here are my feet and the nail polish that was on them, they both lasted me three weeks, so i was pretty impressed.