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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter/Christmas Nail Art

These would sorta go under the category of Christmas nails and winter nails so we will say that they are both. I really like present nail art, so my left hand, excluding my ring finger, are covered in presents. On my right hand, i painted some snowflakes. Those came out quite odd...but oh well. 
the finished manicure
onto my left hand with the presents and a Christmas tree on my accent nail 

my left hand thumb
onto my right hand
and that thumb
hope you enjoyed :)

Neon Tribal Nail Art

Neon Nails!!! I swear this polish is soooooo bright, like it hurts my eyes to look at it for too long. Well anyway, so i was out of ideas for this week's design..the easiest solution....tribal print. The accent finger is a duochrome with a glitter french tip.
the finished manicure
onto my left hand

the my right hand....yeah i know awkward position

then onto my thumbs....they somehow look really similar

hope you enjoyed :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Superhero Nail Art

Can't decide on a single superhero, why not have ten of them. For this week's manicure i painted ten symbols of ten different superheros, some well known and others not so much. I didn't have a ton of time to do these so i hope you enjoy. 
an overview of the completed manicure
onto my right hand...i painted (from left to right on the below picture) batman, daredevil, the punisher, flash, and the fantastic four symbols
more close-ups
onto the batman sign by itself

and onto my left hand

i painted (left to right on the picture below) wonder woman, captain america, superman, the green lantern, and spiderman's symbol

Which superhero is your favorite???

Deck of Cards Nail Art #2

Inspired by my first attempt at card nail art, i decided to give it another try, about a year and a half later. I have improved so i wanted to see the difference. The original manicure is here, so tell me what you think, have these gotten any better. haha, hopefully
this time around, i decided to paint the black outline of an actual card around my nail to give it more definition for the finished look
just some quick overviews and now onto close-ups
all of these are of my left hand (so my dominant hand painted these)

and onto the hardest nail of them all haha, the Jack of Hearts....
i used a really really really tiny brush to get in all the details 

and onto my right hand (painted with my non-dominant hand)
this is a little out of focus, but oh well
and the last photo
hope you enjoyed :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meme Nail Art

If you have ever been on the Internet, you might have noticed little faces called memes pop up all around. If you are not familiar with memes, just google the word "meme" and then you will easily figure out the meaning to all of the faces that i painted on my nails this week. Hope you all enjoy :)
The photos of the entire finished manicure...on six of my nails i painted a meme face and on the remaining four i first painted the nail black, followed with Essie's special effect nail polish...and on my accent nail i added some copper tinted rhinestones for sparkle
and onto the close-ups of the individual memes

the rhinestones that i used were quite big, but manageable because i lined them up, sorta to create a even worked for what i needed it to be
more close-ups of the individual nails
onto my left hand
the cereal bowl guy is by far my favorite :) 

my pinkie on my left hand isn't really that interesting so i decided not to feature it
the Essie special effects topcoat provided my nails with a duochrome of yellow, orange, and even shades of green...this duochrome is pretty awesome!!!
Hope you all enjoyed