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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monarch Butterfly Wing Nail Art

Another busy weekend called for a simple and easy manicure, i.e. back to the monarch butterfly manicure. I've done this manicure at least twice before in the past five years so I don't feel too bad about redoing them. The design is pretty simple, five solid nail polishes and them black and white acrylic paint on top. For my middle and ring fingers I did add some metallic power to them to shake things up, but otherwise just your standard butterfly mani. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Rainbows and Clouds Manicure

This is my "in denial of school starting this Thursday" manicure.

How can you be mad at cute little rainbows and clouds?

I just used a blue Sinful Colors polish for my base color and used acrylic paint for all of the tiny characters. I added in some sparkly acrylic paint on the raindrops, but nothing too bright. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Merrill College Nails Pt. 2

One of the other Orientation Leaders wanted her nails done as well, so I did another manicure including the Merrill Bird. Very simple, since I did not want someone else to sit around for two and half hours. (lol) 

UCSC, Merrill College Nail Art

This year I am an orientation leader for Merrill College (My college affiliation within UCSC) and this week we have the new freshman moving in so I thought it was only necessary to do another UCSC themed manicure. I have done two other UCSC themed manicures in the past so I had to have this one be a little bit different than the others. For my ring and pinky fingers I simply put some sparkles on them and for the remainder of the nails I featured names or dates important to the university. The background is one of my Merrill T-Shirts as the bird featured on one of my thumbs is the Merrill mascot. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Crime Scene Nail Art

After a solid three days of binge watching Criminal Minds, I was inspired to do a crime scene manicure. I did a couple of nails featuring blood, a body outline, two fingerprints, and some caution tape. The fingerprint nails are my favorite by far since I used my own fingerprints to create the bloody motif. I used white nail polish to cover my finger and transfer my fingerprint over and then when I put a topcoat on top of the design the burgundy nail polish bleed through (pun intended) the white to create a red tint over the print.