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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Burned newspaper

I got this idea from a Pinterest picture, using the newsprint technique again i removed some of the polish and them painted around the opening to resemble burnt areas. For the ring and pinkie fingers i just added a simple brown french tip along with some swirls. 

Simple Red Manicure

Right before cutting all of my nails down i decided to paint them all red, from the advice of one of my dear friends. A simple color can really showcase how long your nails are, that's for sure. When i removed the polish i had to take more pictures because my nails looked so good, surprisingly. 

Christian Louboutin nails

Christian Louboutin is am amazing designer so what better way to showcase his designs than on nails. I had eight shoe designs of his and then he signature and a stiletto abstract design on my right thumb. 

Floral newspaper print

With the rubbing alcohol newspaper print technique i had a newsprint background and in the foreground i added in some pink and purple flowers to spring things up a bit.