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Friday, July 27, 2012

Forever Love Nail Art

 Lastly, the final design was a fun one but simple because it means forever love. Great idea Josie!!!

Copper Spiral Nail Art

On the fifth nail design, Nicole and I went with little spirals in copper and flakies on the ring finger, but of course those didn't photograph. Oh well, haha. 

Wacky Pink Nail Art

 The fourth nail design for one of my friends. These were based on the color, but i sorta went all crazy on each nail. Every nail is a different, and that goes right along with Steph's personality. <3

Pandas Have Swag Nail Art

Pandas have swag!!! The third design i did for one of my friends. These are delightful, aren't they. hahaha. You go Paige!

Mermaid/dead fish Nail Art

The second friend post...these were payback nails. :) Oh the dead fish, aren't they funny. You are awesome Sammie!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses Nail Art

 These are a cute design that one of my friends wanted me to do for her, they turned out awesome!!! (Nat's adorable nails)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London 2012 Nail Art

Due to the fact that the summer Olympics are right around the corner, i decided to paint the logo for the London 2012 Olympics.

Even though this isn't the official logo for the olympics, i did my own version of it. (The official one is pretty complicated)
a close up of the logo i painted...the polish on the rest of my fingers is a dark hunter green, FYI :)
an overview of my left hand

The polishes that i used:
Cuticle Oil, OPI nail envy, Sephora by OPI, NYC white, Sinful colors black, and OPI dating a royal

and the topcoat that i used: Seche Vite
you can check out my legal page here

Star Nail Art

I hate painting stars, but i somehow got through ten of them. :) hahaha Even though these are dark for the summer season, i did them anyway. 
Here is a picture of the overall nail art.
And then a picture of a close up of my left hand nails.
and an another close up of the left hand
These are the polishes that i used: 
Cuticle oil, OPI base coat, Sinful colors, L.A. colors, Milani glitter, and Essie special effects glitter topcoat. (Left to right)

and then the topcoat that i used: Seche Vite fast dry topcoat

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rock'n'Blue Nail Art

So i had to try these, after i had decided to do rock'n'roll nails, i had no idea of what band to paint, but i ended up choosing ACDC as the band i would spotlight. 
Here is my left hand with the ACDC logo painted on my ring finger.  
Here are all of my fingers
and here is close up of my ring finger, the ACDC logo hand painted on.
and another close up
the polishes that i used: OPI base coat, NYC white, NYC blue, and NYC grey.
and here are the tools that i used, same as the watermelon toes. 
dotter tool, cuticle pusher, and three brushes
my topcoat, Seche Vite 
and the three paints that i used: black, white, and red

Watermelon Nail Art (pedicure)

With it being summer and all i decided that i should do some watermelon nail art, however i had already done my weekly manicure (post above) so i ended up filling up my toes with watermelons :). 
My lovely sandles tan (below) hahaha
And here is a better look at the toes except the big toe, so yeah. 
The polishes that i used are:
OPI-nail envy, Orly, Orly, and Cuticle Oil (above)

and Seche vite top coat below
The two paints that i used are in black and green.
and finally the tools that i used, a dotter tool, a cuticle pusher, and three brushes.
Hope you all enjoy. :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th of July Nails

Here are some 4th of July Nails!!! :) Hope you enjoy...
I hand painted the liberty bell, the constitution, and one-dollar bill. The pinky is the end of the american flag on the thumb. (below)
The american flag with yes, only four stars....oh well :)
On my right thumb i just added some sparkle. 
On my right pointer, middle, and ring finger i painted the USA letters along with the coordinating colors.
Here is the picture of the overview nail art design.
OPI, OPI, OPI, NYC, Sally Hanson, and L.A. Girls (brand name)
Nicole by OPI, Milani, OPI, Seche Vite, and Cuticle Oil
craft smart colors-red, light green, green, peacock blue, and black

continued colors-brown, bronze, tan, light grey, and white
and the three tools that i used