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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Neon Gradient and Glitter Manicure

While drawing in the UCSC Arboretum I found these amazing yellow flowers that proved to be a perfect background for my manicure. I used a Formula X glitter polish for my pinky and ring fingers and then for the remaining six nails, I used acrylic paint to sponge on some gradients in various directions. 

Nasty Womyn Nails

In response to the political climate and in solidarity with the Women's March, I decided to write on my nails "Nasty Womyn." Granted I didn't have a lot of time for this manicure, the simple letters seemed to be important enough to take up the entire manicure. 

I used a nice dark red shimmery color and then white acrylic paint to create the lettering. I added in some polka dots and called it a day.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Cake and Cookie Nail Art

I was looking up "cute nails" for some inspiration and I happened to find a whole bunch of cake and cupcake manicures. I also have an abundance of cake and cookie mixes in my apartment so I went with a cake and cookie themed manicure for this week. And Yes, I did bake two dozen cookies and a batch of brownies after I finished up the manicure. It seemed only fitting. 
Super simple nail art for this mani, just a base color on each nail and then the designs all came alive with some acrylic paint. Then some top coat to make everything shiny. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Multi-Colored Water Marble Nail Art

I cut my nails down a little bit, so I wanted to do something "simple" with the design for this week. Water Marbling isn't per say 'simple' or 'easy,' but the end result has such a high payoff that I decided to do it this week. I started with a white base color of nail polish, and then by using four shades of cheap Wet'n'Wild polishes (yellow, magenta, orange, and teal) I began to mix them in a cup of water and in my fingers went. I was too lazy to tape up my cuticles this time around so I had a lot of excess nail polish on my actual fingers. Acetone took it all off no problem. I then added three little pieces of glitter near the center of my cuticles on each fingernail and sealed everything up with a top coat. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rainbow Drops

I found a manicure on Pinterest that I had been meaning to try out so when I was given this incredible rainbow sticker I knew it was fate. (I cut up the said sticker so that I could use the rainbow drops underneath the word Fiesta on my car) I painted the tips of my nails white first and then color by color added on another curvilinear stripe onto each of my nails. 
I usually keep my ring finger nail different from the rest, but a happy accident occurred that made me have my pointer finger as the odd one out (oh well). I added some glitter to that nail as well, as per usual. 
Overall, I'm really excited by how this manicure came out and how well the sticker and mani go together. 

2017 New Year's Manicure!

Happy 2017!!!

Just a super simple manicure featuring lettering of "2017" and "Happy New Year!"
I used a neon yellow and neon pink to keep the manicure interesting and give myself a break from using white nail polish. This manicure also only lasted about three days. 

Black Transitional Nails

After my Christmas manicure I didn't want to do a New Years manicure right away, so I decided to paint my nails black for a few days. This manicure got about 60 hours of wear, so I didn't want to really paint anything only to know that I would take it off in less than three days. 

Also, it's really cool to see my nails with just a plain color.