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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meme Nail Art

If you have ever been on the Internet, you might have noticed little faces called memes pop up all around. If you are not familiar with memes, just google the word "meme" and then you will easily figure out the meaning to all of the faces that i painted on my nails this week. Hope you all enjoy :)
The photos of the entire finished manicure...on six of my nails i painted a meme face and on the remaining four i first painted the nail black, followed with Essie's special effect nail polish...and on my accent nail i added some copper tinted rhinestones for sparkle
and onto the close-ups of the individual memes

the rhinestones that i used were quite big, but manageable because i lined them up, sorta to create a even worked for what i needed it to be
more close-ups of the individual nails
onto my left hand
the cereal bowl guy is by far my favorite :) 

my pinkie on my left hand isn't really that interesting so i decided not to feature it
the Essie special effects topcoat provided my nails with a duochrome of yellow, orange, and even shades of green...this duochrome is pretty awesome!!!
Hope you all enjoyed 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Obama Nail Art

Congratulations to Obama! To celebrate i decided to paint Obama's face on my nail along with some patriotic colors and with some new microbeads that i just received from kkcenterhk. :)
On the majority of my nails i used a solid base color and added some polka dots. On my left and right hand right fingers i added microbeads in the color of copper.
These photos are just an overview and here comes the detailed photos....
In the sunlight you can see Obama better

my right hand i didn't want to paint another face so i just added some more polka dots, big red and big blue dots and then really small blue polka dots
and now some really really close ups of the Obama nail
on this photo you can see all the brush strokes that i added in
hope you all enjoy :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black, Metallic, and Geometric Shapes Oh My!!!

After cutting my long nails, i didn't know what to nails are sooo short for me. I was bored and this is what i came up with....tons of sparkle and metallic tones were used, and then i used some black to tone down the brightness. 
this manicure didn't photograph the best, so sorry if you can't see the design to it's full start off with some photos of the finished manicure

the close-ups don't do this mani any justice, but oh well
some of my right hand
my right hand's thumb

onto my left hand
and my left hand's thumb
hope you all enjoyed 

Naked Nails!

After i took of my zombie manicure i decided that i had to cut my long nails. Basketball season starts on saturday and i don't want to hurt anyone or myself with these weapons.
So just some quick photos of my long nails before i cut them.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Zombie Nail Art

Since this week contained the infamous holiday of Halloween i decided to have a them of zombies for my nails. By using a sad looking green base, bloody stitches, and a black french tip, the end result was very spooky looking. 
Just some shots of the finished manicure

some close-ups of my right hand
and my right hand thumb
and as you can see, these are incredibly chipped, that's because i took pictures of these after a week's worth of wear so like every nails has at least one chip
hope you all enjoyed