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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Purple Saran Wrap Nail Art

Inspired by all of the Saran Wrap manicures created by fellow nail artists, I thought I would give this technique a go. I painted my nails white for starters followed by sectioning off a V shape with tape and then I used a scrunched up ball of Saran Wrap dipped in nail polish to cover the visible nail. I used about 5 different colors and Im pleasantly surprised with how cool this came out. I added a little rhinestone to each nail and sealed everything together with a top coat. 

Finding Dory Nail Art

In honor of Finding Dory coming out in theaters this past week I created a tribute manicure to this adorable animated film. I started with every nail being covered in white nail polish and then i created the green to blue gradient on top with a makeup sponge. Of course i added in some glitter and then used some really fine brushes and drew in Dory, Nemo, and the title of the movie. I was sad to see this manicure go since it was so stunning. 

Glitter French Tips

I attended my cousin's high school graduation so I wanted a manicure that was festive while still being cute, and so this is what i came up with. I used a really adorable lavender pink nail polish and then packed on three different types of glitter to create a glitter gradient french tip. 

Silver Holo Manicure

First manicure since I got back from college...sadly I was still unpacking so a full silver holo glitter mani was the easiest option for me to put on. Was such a pain to take off but totally worth it! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

School's Out For Summer (Almost) Nails

Since this is my last week of my freshman year in college I decided that the song by Alice Cooper "School's Out" would have some appropriate lyrics for my nails. And since its summer I though a nice bright red to yellow ombre would fit the mood as well. On my left hand I wrote out "School's out for summer <3" and on my right hand I wrote "And we got now innocence." I created the gradient effect my first painting on a yellow base color and then sponging on red and orange with a art sponge.  After I added the words with a nice purple acrylic paint I sealed everything off with two coats of clear top coat.