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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deck of Cards Nail Art #2

Inspired by my first attempt at card nail art, i decided to give it another try, about a year and a half later. I have improved so i wanted to see the difference. The original manicure is here, so tell me what you think, have these gotten any better. haha, hopefully
this time around, i decided to paint the black outline of an actual card around my nail to give it more definition for the finished look
just some quick overviews and now onto close-ups
all of these are of my left hand (so my dominant hand painted these)

and onto the hardest nail of them all haha, the Jack of Hearts....
i used a really really really tiny brush to get in all the details 

and onto my right hand (painted with my non-dominant hand)
this is a little out of focus, but oh well
and the last photo
hope you enjoyed :)

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