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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!! So here are some breast cancer awareness inspired nails. I don't usually wear pink nail polish, so this are quite a change for me. Hope you all enjoy. :)
some photos of the finished product

on my two thumbs i painted a pink ribbon and the word "love" on the other

a close-up of my left hand, the first two fingers (left to right) are painted with light pinks and i added some glitter nail polish, on my ring finger i painted a deep red color and added a ton of rhinestones to the nail, and on the pinky finger i just painted a dark maroon color, the easiest nail
just some more close-ups

i added some hearts on the nail that i painted the word "love"
here is my finished left hand
the biggest rhinestones that i used were quite bulky so i took some pictures to show you all that effect that they had

hope you all enjoyed :)

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