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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Multi-Colored Water Marble Nail Art

I cut my nails down a little bit, so I wanted to do something "simple" with the design for this week. Water Marbling isn't per say 'simple' or 'easy,' but the end result has such a high payoff that I decided to do it this week. I started with a white base color of nail polish, and then by using four shades of cheap Wet'n'Wild polishes (yellow, magenta, orange, and teal) I began to mix them in a cup of water and in my fingers went. I was too lazy to tape up my cuticles this time around so I had a lot of excess nail polish on my actual fingers. Acetone took it all off no problem. I then added three little pieces of glitter near the center of my cuticles on each fingernail and sealed everything up with a top coat. 

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